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Megaliths in Jütland are often neglected and difficult to find.

Map Denmark
(Legend 1-10 see below)

Visited locations: (July 2012)

  1. Norreskoven - Als 
  2. Blommeskobbel - Als
  3. Langdyssen Kempestenen - Varnaes
  4. Lundehoj - Hurup, Thy
  5. Doverkil - Ydby, Thy
  6. Thusbjerg - Orndrup-Mark, Mors
  7. Trol Kirken - Sonderholm
  8. Store Monshoj - Kongerslev
  9. Gronhoj - Horsens
  10. Ravnsborgmarken - Barritskov

These are only ten out of hundreds megalithic remains in Jütland. Also the isles Funen, Seeland, Lolland, Falster and Mon have many megaliths.


Tourist Info

It is difficult to find information on location. In the Tourist Info in city's like Aalborg en Kolding, there was no information about local megalithic monuments. Beside a few exceptions few road marks are showing the megaliths. Also the Danish people rarely can give information, even those who live nearby a megalithic monument.

The Danish word for passage tomb is "jaettestue", the "magic word" for asking information. You also can try it whith "oldtid gravhoj" (old time grave-mound)... 

Tourist Info

On the website "The Megalithic Portal" ( you can find maps showing most monuments. In Tourist Info-bureaus and in libraries you can go on internet for free, to consult "The Megalitic Portal".

In the museum in Horsens they are better informed and able to give info about local megaliths.
In the Tourist Info in Sonderborg, peninsula Als, information about some megaliths is disponnible.
Also the hosts in the Tourist Info in Thisted (Thy) are well informed.
In Nykobing, Insle Mors, you can find information in the museum "Dueholm Kloster".



Danish people often know little about local megaliths but they seem not to have forgotten their oldest roots. This is proved by many modern mini-dolmen decorating gardens.

Modern mini-dolmen
Modern mini-dolmen


Funnel Beaker Culture:

The megalithic monuments in Denmark belong to the Funnel Beaker Culture.
(More about the Funnel Beaker Culture in "General Information" via following link: Funnel)


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