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Funnel Beaker Culture

etail infopaneel Gronhoj (Horsens - Denemarken)
Detail info panel Gronhoj (Horsens - Denmark)
Artefacts Funnel Beaker Culture found by excavation in 1832


Fragment from "Encyclopedie Drenthe Online"

"Funnel Beaker Culture: Neolithic culture called after a characteristic shape of pottery.
This culture (4000-2700 B.C.) reached once from above the rivers in the Netherlands to the west of Ukraine, the area of Stockholm in Sweden and in Czech, almost till Vienna.
In function of pottery types and cultural differences some sub-groups are distinguished. The West-group includes North-Netherlands and Lower Germany up to the river Elbe. Strongly cultural affined is the North-group (
Sleeswijk-Holstein, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Denmark and parts of Sweden, Norway and Brandenburg) connected by pottery shape and -decoration en by some other artefacts. Furthermore because both groups build 'hunebedden' (dolmens and passage tombs), in contradiction to most of the other groups."

Range Funnel Beaker Culture
Range Funnel Beaker Culture

Funnel Beakers - Hunebedcentrum Borger, Drenthe (Netherlands)
Funnel Beakers - Hunebedcentrum Borger, Drenthe (Netherlands)


First farmers

The people belonging to the Funnel Beaker Culture where the first farmers in their living area.
They felled forests to cultivate crops and had a big impact on the landscape.

Reconstruction Neolithic farm
Reconstruction Neolithic farm
Hunebedcenter - Borger, Drenthe (Netherlands)


Long barrows and 'hunebedden'

Longbarrows and hunebedden are the grave monuments in Funnel Beaker Culture.
Some megalithic monuments in Drenthe (Netherlands) and Emlsland (Germany) look like monuments in Denmark.
This is clearly to see by comparing D43 Schimmeres, Drenthe and the long barrow in Varnaes, Denmark. This is only one of many examples.

D43 Schimmeres, Drenthe
D43 Schimmeres, Drenthe

Long Barrow Varnaes Denmark
Long Barrow Varnaes Denmark


More info (in English) about Funnel Beaker Culture's monuments:

 - Drenthe - Netherlands
 - Emsland - Germany
 - Jütland - Denmark


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