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Emsland (Germany)

All pictures in this chapter made in August 2012 by Alec

Map Germany and Emsland

Emsland counts almost as much 'hunebedden' (passage graves) as neighbour Drenthe (Netherlands),
but they are less known and less crowded, they can be visited undisturbed.

Road sign "Großsteingrab"

The passage graves are sometimes called "Hünegrab", but the name "Großsteingrab" is more common.

A handy tool for searching passage tombs in Emsland is the brochure "Drenthe-Emsland - Mystiek oerland zonder grenzen". This brochure is offered in most tourist information bureaus in Drenthe (Netherlands) In Emsland the brochure wasn't available. 

Detail map Emsland   Brochure "Drenthe-Emsland - Mystiek oerland zonder grenzen"
Detail map passage tombs Emsland   -   Brochure "Drenthe-Emsland - Mystiek oerland zonder grenzen"

In several aspects Emsland is very similar to Drenthe. Most passage tombs in Emsland are also located in nature, except the tombs in Börger.

"Steenhus" -  Hunebed Börger
"Steenhus" - Hunebed Börger

Road sign "Großsteingrab"One of the many road marks directing to a passage grave, not all graves are marked.
In Emsland about fifty passage graves still exist, to visit them all you need at least two complete days. 

Info panel near a stone tomb


Straße der Megalithkultur   Wegwijzer "Straße der Megalithkultur"

A megalith route called “Straße der Megalithkultur” crosses Emsland. This 330 kilometres long route doesn't start and end in Emsland. The "Straße der Megalithkultur" leads from Oldenburg to Osnabrück. 
The "Straße der Megalithkultur" passes about seventy passage tombs, but just a part of the Emsland tombs are included.

Folder Megalithkultuur Brochure Megalithkultuur (Straße der Megalithkultur). 
This leaflet gives information about megalithic culture and a map of the "Megalithic Culture Road" and is available in tourist information offices.

More information on following website:



The builders of the megalithic tombs in Emsland where belonging to the Funnel Beaker Culture.

(More about the Funnel Beaker Culture in "General Information" via following link: Funnel)



Folder met kaart en info van de wandelroute "Hünenweg"   Leaflet with map showing the walking route crossing Emsland "Hünenweg",
available in the tourist information offices.



The City museum in Meppen exposes a collection artefact found in and near the passage graves. 

In the Archaeological Museum of Meppen (Ausstellungszentrum für die Archälogie des Emslandes) the age of megalith builders is presented illustrative.

Both museums are closed on Mondays!


Wandering boulders

Just like in Drenthe, Emsland is also full of boulders coming from Scandinavia, once deposed by glaciers. These boulders, the construction material of all local megalithic tombs, are still inspiriting the habitants of Emsland. Many art works are made whit these boulders. The fountain in Börger is a nice example. Also many buildings are decorated whit these boulders.

 Borger - Fontain,
Börger - Fountain 


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