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From Lahn to Sögel

Lahn - Ostenwalde - Sögel

In this area seven "Gro▀steingraben" or "Big Stone Graves" remain...



This heap of stones, a grave ruin, lays in a wood left from the road Lahn-Wehm, direction Werite.

Lahn - Hunebed



When the road was renewed this stone grave was reconstructed about 70-meter of his original location. The capstones where posed near the grave, to give a view on the chamber. The reconstruction is not very accurate.

Further on, on the other side of the road, lays a second "Hünegrab".

Ostenwalde Steingrab




Southwest of Sögel, direction Stavern, at some distance from each other, are laying two tombs both called "Düvelskuhlen" (Devil's Hollows). Only 14 side stones and 4 capstones remain from the nine-meter large chamber of "Duvelskuhlen 1". The oval ring of kerbstones is well conserved. The tomb was restored in 1936.

Sogel - Düvelskuhlen (1)
Sögel - Düvelskuhlen (1)

"Duvelskuhlen 2": This beautiful located tomb still has 8 side stones and 3 capstones.

Sogel - Düvelskuhlen (2)
Sögel - Düvelskuhlen (2)


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