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From Freren to Mehringen

Freren - Thuine - Langen - Mehringen

In South-Emsland seven megalithic tombs remain.



"Im Alt Frerener Forst", near the road from Freren to Lengerich, lays an overgrown tomb, constructed between 2300 and 1800 B.C. It has a length of more than 20-meter but several stones are missing and others are dislocated. The typical form "Emsländische Kammer" is clearly recognisable. 

Freren - "Im Alt Frerener Forst"
Freren - "Im Alt Frerener Forst"



"In der Kunkenvenne", (direction Freren) one of the biggest megalithic tombs in Emsland. During excavations in the 19th century stone axes, barn stone pearls and ceramic from Funnel Beaker Culture where found.

Thuine - "In der Kunkenvenne"
Thuine - "In der Kunkenvenne"



"Auf dem Radberg", Langen/Rentrup direction Thuine.

Langen - "Auf dem Radberg"
Langen - "Auf dem Radberg"



The "Mehringer Steine" are the three most southern Großsteingrab" in Emsland. Near these tombs some ceramic was found in 18th century.

Mehringen - "Mehringer Steine"
Mehringen - "Mehringer Steine"

Alec - Mehringen - "Mehringer Steine"
Alec - "Mehringer Steine"

Mehringen, near Salzbergen is the endpoint of the north-south tour...


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