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From Borger to Vrees

Börger - Werpeloh - Spahn - Harrenstätte - Werite - Vrees

A good starting point for a megalith tour trough Emsland is Börger in the north.



"Steenhus" or "Stone home" is situated in a private garden in Börger centre, it looks like a dragon...
This "Hünegrab" still has 21 side stones and 9 capstones.

"Steenhus" -  Börger
"Steenhus" - Börger

Börger also has two other passage graves.



Near Werpeloh, direction Spahn,  two tombs are situated in a place called "Auf der Buschöhe".  The fieldroad to these monuments passes "Windberg" (Windhill), a Iron Age cemetery (+- 500 B.C.).

Werpeloh - "Auf der buschöhe"
Werpeloh - "Auf der Buschöhe"

Northwest from Werpeloh two "Hunegraves" are hidden in the woods, on the left side of the road to Börger. These woods are military domain and not always accessible. When the red signal on the entrances is showed, entering the woods is strictly forbidden and very dangerous!



The "Steenberg" (Stone Mountain) near Spahn is the thin remain of a former dolmen.

Spahn - "Steenberg"
Spahn - "Steenberg"



The "Poldenhünensteine" in Harrenstätte are looking a bit surrealistic, like modern art...

Harrenstätte - "Poldenhünensteine"
Harrenstätte - "Poldenhünensteine"



The stone grave "De hoogen Steener" is located in a forest north of Werite. The 27.5-meter large chamber is the biggest Neolithic burial chamber in North-Germany.

Werite - "De hoogen Steener"
Werite - "De hoogen Steener"



Northwest of Vrees you can find "Plingenberger Steine" (No picture).

In a little wood south of Vrees, direction Lindern, "Schlingsteine", the remaining of a big passage grave.

Vrees - "Schlingsteine"
Vrees - "Schlingsteine"


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