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Province Namur - p.2

Map Wallonie - Namur

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Megalith???'Le Frappe Cul' - near Lustin

This to parts once formed a single stone. In the Middle Ages he was probably used as pillory, an iron ring and the name are still reminding. 'Frappe Cul' can be translated as 'Arse beater'

Le Frappe Cul - near Lustin  Situering Frappe Cul
Le Frappe Cul - near Lustin 
The 'Frappe Cul' is standing near the road to Yvoir, near a gasoline station.

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No megalith!'La Pierre Sainte-Agathe' - Franière

La Pierre Sainte-Agathe - Franière
La Pierre Sainte-Agathe - Franière

'La Pierre Sainte-Agathe' is still visible, standing in a garden in the hamlet 'Trémouroux', a toponyme containing the Celtic prefix 'Tre', common in Bretagne - France.

Actually the stone  only measure 70 cm above the surface.
According local people the stone reaches a dept of 2 meter...

La Pierre Sainte-Agathe - Franière     Plan Franière
La Pierre Sainte-Agathe - Franière

In the region the superstition existed that ignorant or reckless men who've sharpen their knife on this stone, should lose their tool whit in a year...

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No megalith!'Les Pierres Jumelles' - Annevoie-Rouillon

Les Pierres Jumelles (1) - Annevoie-Rouillon Les Pierres Jumelles (2) - Annevoie-Rouillon
Les Pierres Jumelles - Annevoie-Rouillon

These remarkable stones, near the road to Dinant, are not classified as megaliths. The stone on the left picture is standing in a front garden. The other stone is standing 30 meter further on, direction Dinant, in face of the street 'Chemin des Forges'.

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No megalith!Others:

The 'Cromlech' of Fagnolle, formed by eight big blocks of rock and several little ones, is no more recognized as a megalithic monument. About 120 meter from this 'rock formation', an other remarkable stone called 'La pierre aux sacrifices' or the 'Sacrifice stone'.

South of Fagnolle, in Nismes, is situated a big rock who looks like a standing stone.' 

North of the village Weillen, near the castle of Montaigle, exist the legend stone 'La pierre du diable'. It's a block measuring 2m40 long and 1m20 large. According the legend the hollowing on the surface is a print of the Devil's body, which once reposed on the stone. This legend is comparable the legend told in Wéris, where is situated the 'Lit du diable'. (Devil's bed).


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