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Province Limburg

Map Vlaanderen - Limburg

Also in the province Limburg megalithic remains where dislocated.

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Real megalith'Menhirs van Diepenbeek' - Hasselt (Limburg)

Since 1904 some megaliths decorate the park in front of the school "Atheneum" in Hasselt. The stones where found in Diepenbeek (nearby village) in 1860. They where part of a stone circle. Some of the excavated megaliths where used as building material. It is very pity, the destruction of such a extraordinary monument...

Megaliths in the park, Atheneum Hasselt
Megaliths in the park, Atheneum Hasselt

Memorial stone

Openingsuren park
Park open for public
Closed on schooldays between 12h and 13.30h.

Location: Guffenslaan

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No megalith!'Het Stenenpad' - Genk (Limburg)

'Het Stenenpad' or 'The Stone Path' has noting to do whit megaliths, but it's an interesting place to get in touch whit several kinds of stones, the building material for megalithic constructions...

'Het Stenenpad' - Domein Kattevennen - Genk
'Het Stenenpad' - Domein Kattevennen - Genk

'Het Stenenpad' is located near 'Europlanetarium' in Genk, in the domain Kattevennen. The collection shows 32 different sorts stones.

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