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Accessible megaliths

Many megalithic monuments only can be reached by small paths, some tombs have a very narrow entrance. Alas they are difficult or impossible to visit by people in a wheelchair, or they are not worth the effort for blind people. Below some examples of accessible megaliths witch are also interesting for blind people.

Pierre Brunehault - Holain (Belgium)

Recommended in Belgium:

Wéris, the most important megalithic site in Belgium, is fortunately also interesting for blind people and people in a wheelchair.
The northern dolmen in Wéris very well accessible; nearby is a parking big enough for touring coaches. The megaliths in Wéris, made in puddingstone, have a special tangible character.
To visit the southern dolmen a field way have to be followed (This is impossible for coaches and low laying sport cars, and also forbidden for cars anyway).
It's nice do be or to pick nick near the southern dolmen on a sunny day.
The three menhirs in Oppagne near Wéris are less accessible for wheelchairs; they are situated middle in a field. The standing stones are good visible from the road in winter and spring, when there are no crops on the fields. 
More information about megaliths in Wris via following link: Wris (B)

Pierre Brunehault in Holain near Tournay (Province Hainaut) is standing Belgium's most imposing megalith. The stone can be approached by car. Blind people can use their stick to feel the measures...
More information via following link: Pierre Brunehault

Dolmensteen Tervuren. Situated in the pleasant park of Tervuren (Vlaams Brabant) this stone is worth a little effort. The large park avenues are no obstacles for wheelchairs when the weather is dry. The broken stone's surface looks like a map in relief and is very touchable for blind people.
More information via following link: Tervuren


Recommended in other countries:

Hunebedden Drenthe, Netherlands. Although some of the 'hunebedden' (passage tombs) can only be reached by small sandy paths, sufficient monuments have a nearby parking place. Most 'hunebedden' are easy to sense. The 'Hunebeddencentrum' in Borger is also easy accessible for wheelchairs. 
More information via following link: Drenthe (NL)

Cairn Gavrinis, Morbihan (France) Bretagne. The cairn only can be reached by boat, this can be difficult for people in a wheelchair, but it is without doubt the most interesting megalithic monument for blind people! The richness of beautiful gravures is easy to 'read' by blind people. Sure this cairn is worth the voyage to France!
For pictures and information in Dutch use following link: Gavrinis (France)

Stonehenge (G.B.). Over day the monument can only be seen from a short distance, walking between the stones is not allowed. If you ask special permission (do this in advance) you can get access the monument after closing time to walk between the stone and to touch them. Audio information and info in Braille is available on location, good facilities for people in a wheelchair. 
For pictures and information in Dutch use following link: Stonehenge


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