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Wris - Province Luxembourg, Belgium

All pictures in this chapter made in 2009 by Alec 


In Wéris and her neighbour borough Oppagne is situated the "biggest" Belgian megalithic site.

In this 'Breton like' environment still remain sixteen standing stones and two passage tombs.

Roadmap Wris


The southern dolmen in Oppagne (Wéris II) is located very picturesque...

Southern dolmen in Oppagne (Wris II)
Southern dolmen in Oppagne (Wéris II)


The Wéris dolmen where  set-up between 3000 B.C. and 2800 B.C. They are belonging to the group "Seine-Oise-Marne culture". Probable the standing stones date the same period. 


The megaliths in Wris are standing in a geometrical connection.
The rock "Pierre Haina" is a marking point for spring-equinox, seen from the northern dolmen, Wris I,
and for summer solstice, seen from the standing stones in Oppagne.

Connection between megaliths in Wris (Figure copied from website
Connection between megaliths in Wéris (Figure copied from website

Also remarkable is the alignment whit further standing stones in Morville, Heyd and Ozo.


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