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Standing Stones in Wéris and Oppagne

Several standing stones are decorating Wéris and Oppagne...


Standing Stones near the southern dolmen (Wéris II)

Five standing stones near the Oppagne-dolmen.
Long ago these stones where buried in a field nearby. In 19th century three stones where found back, the two other stones not until 1986. In 1997 archaeologists putted them back in their original position. Doing this was possible thanks to remaining of their original pits. One stone isn't erected again, there where no traces found of his original position.

Standing stones near the southern dolmen in Oppagne (Wéris II)
Standing stones near the southern dolmen in Oppagne (Wéris II)


Standing Stone 'Menhir de Danthine'

The "Menhir de Danthine" is called after Mademoiselle Danthine, an archaeologist at the University of Liège. In 1948 she saved the stone from destruction by replacing it about 130 meters.

 Menhir 'Danthine'
Menhir 'Danthine' (Wéris)


Three Standing Stones - Oppagne

The three "menhirs" in Oppagne, under a plum tree, are best visual early in spring or after harvest. The two close standing stone probably are the remains of one split stone.

 Three "menhirs" in Oppagne
Three "menhirs" in Oppagne

Ribbons in the plum tree
Ribbons in the plum tree

Here an old tradition is still (or new) alive. In the tree visitors hanged ribbons, probably hoping to cure from a disease...

Following it's not allowed to remove the ribbons. If you do, you 'll get 'guaranteed' the disease connected to the ribbon...


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