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Inspired by megaliths

Megaliths and their decorations are a nice source of inspiration. Some examples:


Photo-collages using megalithic patterns.

Following montage is made from a photo fragment from kerbstone 1 in Newgrange (Ireland).

The fragment is used four times, continuous flipped... 

4X photo fragment kerbstone1 in Newgrange.   =  Collage kerbstone 1 Newgrange

Photos of Kerbstone 1 in Newgrange can be transformed in different nice patterns...


Cloths printing

T-shirt  megalithic paternf KnowthT-shirt megalithic patern Newgrange
Knowth and Newgrange XXL


Creative in stone

This modern standing stone near Port-Navalo (Bretagne),

Mary sculpture near Port-Navalo

... is a Mary sculpture.

Mary sculpture near Port-Navalo

The sculptor found inspiration in the standing stones of Morbihan...


In Drenthe (Netherlands) you can see several art works inspirited by the 'hunebedden' (Passage tombs).

Modern megalithic art, Drenthe

Others like it a bit smaller...

Mini-dolmen somewhere in a garden
Mini-dolmen somewhere in a garden


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