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Spirals and circles

Spirals are a common megalithic motive and can be see as a symbolic representation of life. Double spirals are explained as symbols of reincarnation.


Newgrange - Ireland

Kerbstone 1, in front of the entrance of the 'passage tomb' in Newgrange, is seen as one of the most beautiful examples of 'megalithic art'.

Ingang Newgrange, Ireland
Newgrange, Ireland

spiralen op Kerbstone 1 - Newgrange, Ireland
Kerbstone 1 - Newgrange, Ireland


Loughcrew - Irleand

Less known are the decorations in the Loughcrew Cairns.

Spiralen Cairn-H - Loughcrew, Ireland
Cairn-H - Loughcrew, Ireland

Cairn-U - Loughcrew, Ireland
Cairn-U - Loughcrew, Ireland

Alas these gravures disappear slowly by erosion and acid rain.


Knowth - Ireland

Also the kerbstones in Knowth are decorated with spirals and concentric circles...

Kerbstone Knowth - Ireland
Kerbstone Knowth - Ireland

Kranssteen Knowth - IerlandKerbstones Knowth - Ireland
Kerbstones Knowth - Ireland


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