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D49 “Papeloze Kerk” - Schoonoord

The best-known hunebed in the Netherlands.

Name origin

The name 'Papeloze Kerk' (Pope less Church) remind at the protestant pastors in the 16de century, which secretly preached standing on the hunebed. 

D49 - “Papeloze Kerk” Schoonoord
D49 - “Papeloze Kerk” Schoonoord


Hunebed D49 is thoroughly restored by professor Van Giffen.
By restoration in 1959 the cover hill was only mounted up half. This was done for didactical reasons, it gives a better look on the construction inside.

D49 - “Papeloze Kerk” Schoonoord
D49 - “Papeloze Kerk” Schoonoord

As building material by restoring the badly damaged hunebed D49 Professor Van Giffen unfortunately demolished hunebed D33.

D49 - “Papeloze Kerk” Schoonoord
D49 - “Papeloze Kerk” Schoonoord


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