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Hunebedden Borger

In Borger (Drenthe), also called "Hunebed Capital", you can visit the "Hunebedcentrum", where you can find 'everything' about the "hunebedden" 



"The megalith builders world"

Didactic presentations, archaeological founds, film...

"Het Steentijdhuis" (Replica Neolithic home) is the decor for several experimental archaeological activities.

Steentijdhuis Hunebedcentrum
Steentijdhuis - Hunebedcentrum

Neolithic Garden 
The land where is located the "prehistoric farm" measures almost two hectares. In the coming years there will be developed a program around experimental archaeology.

Knowledge Centre Horizont
In the Knowledge Centre (Kenniscentrum) are located a reception area for groups, an exposition room, a workshop room a library and offices. 

Book- and souvenir shop

For more information:


D 27 The biggest hunebed in Drenthe

D27 - Borger
D27 - Borger

D27, situated near the "Hunebedcentrum", is out of doubt the most crowded hunebed. If you want to see the monument without playing children up and around, you will have to wake up early...


Hunebed pair D28 en D29

D28 en D29, near Borger
D28 en D29, near Borger

Some hunebedden are standing in 'pairs'. D28 en D29,
about 1 km from Borger, a 'hunebedden pair'.


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