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Near Cambrai

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: "Les Pierres Jumelles" ,  Aubigny-au-Bac: "La-Pierre-qui-Pousse" , Erchin: "La Borne Grand Père"

Map Cambrai-area



Middle the built-up area surrounding Cambrai, two standing stones are appearing out of the ground,
"Les Pierres Jumelles". An information panel tells their height is 4 meters(!).
According W&M Brou* both stones measures 3m80.
(Les mégalithes de Gaule Belgique - Willy & Marcel Brou, 1988, p.269)

Les Pierres Jumelles - Cambrai
"Les Pierres Jumelles" - Cambrai

Infobord, Les Pierres Jumelles - Cambrai

Map Cambrai



"La-Pierre-qui-Pousse", this sandstone megalith is remarkable situated in a swamp.
According a legend the stone grow slowly, that's how it got his name...
"Pierre-qui-Pousse" means "growing stone".
Possible this legend can be explained cause the movements of the surrounding turf bottom.
The swamp and the turf came into existence long after the stone's setting-up.

A panel gives following information:
1m70 altitude above ground, 2m15 width, 2m90 total height.
In an archaeological research some Neolithic pot-fragments where found.

La-Pierre-qui-Pousse - Aubigny-au-Bac
"La-Pierre-qui-Pousse" - Aubigny-au-Bac

La-Pierre-qui-Pousse - Aubigny-au-Bac
"La-Pierre-qui-Pousse" - Aubigny-au-Bac

In the stone some "cupules", scale holes, one of them on top.
The bulges on the north-western side are natural from origin.

Detail "La-Pierre-qui-Pousse"
"Bulges" on the north-western side

Kaart Aubigny-au-Bac



"La Borne Grand Père" (Landmark the Grand Father) lonely standing on a farmyard.
Once this stone was 2 meters high, only one meter survived.

La Borne Grand Père - Erchin
"La Borne Grand Père" - Erchin

La Borne Grand Père - Erchin
"La Borne Grand Père" - Erchin

"Those who spend the night near this standing stone, soon will discover a treasure", this according a legend...

Map Erchin


Colourless maps for printing: Maps Nord (pdf)


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