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Megalithic geometry

Megalithic monuments often have a geometric structure.


Megalithic yard

Alexander Thom (1894-1985), doctor in Architecture at Oxford University, discovered the so-called 'Megalithic yard' (My), a 'universal prehistoric measure', used in several West-European stone formations.
(1My = 2,72 feet = 0,829 meter)

Waarschuwing Many archaeologists reject Thom's Yard-theory. They mean the irregular shapes and rawness of the stones made such a precision very doubtful. Probable the last word about this subject has not jet been spoken...


"Pythagoras avant la lettre"

The intern relations in many stone formations show the builders had knowledge of the principles mentioned by the Pythagorean theorem, more than 2000 year before the Greek time! 

Pythagorean theorem (figure)

Waarschuwing The mention above doesn't mean megalith builders knew the use of square algebra. But they knew how to use relations to create rectangles.

Relations in a rectangle


Elliptic shapes

Megalith builders also knew the complex geometry used for the design of elliptic shapes. In fact many stone circles are flatted circles or egg-shaped constructions. 

In his book 'Sun, moon and standing stones' John Edwin Wood describes these geometric subjects profoundly.  Alas the book demands a good knowledge of astronomy and geometry for a good understanding of the content...

Less profound, but easier to understand, Francis Hitching gives also some examples of megalithic geometry and astronomy in his book 'Megalith builders'.  


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