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Dolmen (figuur) Alec Van Rompuy Dolmen (figuur)

Mechelen - Belgium, 1964
Alec at Stonehenge, 2007
Stonehenge 2007

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Brief Biography (fig)Since my young days history is one of my big passions. Live seems to follow strange ways, I finished studies as a teacher in agriculture and technology.
Teaching became my other passion.
In spite of my passion I still have to do it whit temporally jobs as teacher. This results in a lot of time left for reading and studying...

After reading Marcel Mestdagh's book (Atlantis) megaliths became my favourite subject, and Bretagne (France) my favourite travel destination.

Le Menhir du Champ Dolent
Le Menhir du Champ Dolent (Bretagne, France, 2002)

By fortune I didn't always have to go as far from home...
In a book about Belgian Stones written by Willy en Marcel Brou, I discovered the 'Halve Steen', a legend stone in Zemst, not far from where I lived at that time...

Halve Steen - Zemst (Belgium)

In 2007, I had the fortune to visit Stonehenge and Avebury. The next year I was able to realize a big dream: a voyage to Ireland, to Newgrange and Loughcrew...
Shortly after this amazing trip I started the creation of this website, to share my passion whit others...

Newgrange - Ierland
Newgrange 2008

The following years I added reportages whit pictures made on my journeys to
Scotland, the Orkneys, France, Holland, Germany and Denmark.
I hope to ad many more reportages to this site in future!

Orkney 2010
Orkney 2010

By occasion of the 7th birthday of my site I began to translate a part of in English,
hope you enjoy it!

Regards, Alec.


30 oktober 2015 - 7 jaar Megalitica
7th anniversary

"My special thank to Miriam, a nice Belgian lady, who encouraged me
to make the English Megalitica-pages."


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